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Thomas P. Finley’s existing and new business clients often need commercial real estate contracts in Waco, TX, drafted for various needs for their company. Some clients need our services to review the contracts presented to them by another party. Waco real estate lawyer Thomas P. Finley, Jr. drafts and reviews contracts in addition to providing legal provisions, consisting of gathering information from the parties as to the contract’s intent and purpose.

Drafting and reviewing contracts are crucial to ensure the contract addresses its specific agreement, reason, and intent. This can be done best when the parties are specific. As a general rule, the more precise the parties can be regarding their arrangements, the less likely there will be confusion and possible lawsuits in the future. Contact us today to learn more about our legal services.

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Waco Real Estate Lawyer Thomas P. Finley has handled many forms of commercial and residential real estate transactions in his 35 years as an attorney. It is recommended in real estate transactions, when a lawyer represents one party, an attorney will also represent the other party, and the lawyers will negotiate the contract terms directly on behalf of their seller and buyer clients. In a real estate transaction, it is common practice that multiple versions of documents will be reviewed, negotiated, and rewritten between the two lawyers representing buyers and sellers of real estate. When an attorney does not represent one party, a real estate agent may represent the party, and the negotiations will be between the real estate attorney and the other party’s real estate agent. Thomas P. Finley is a licensed attorney in Texas and a licensed Texas real estate agent. Real estate agents that are not lawyers are not permitted to evaluate legal issues and give legal advice or draft legal paperwork because that would be the unauthorized practice of law. Real estate lawyer Thomas P. Finley gives legal advice. He has drafted many contracts in residential and commercial real estate transactions, including but not limited to residential and commercial real estate Sales Contracts, Deeds, Bills of Sale, Promissory Notes, Deeds of Trust, Security Agreements, Leases, and other documents. Real estate attorney Thomas P. Finley, Jr. has handled the following residential and commercial real estate transactions on behalf of his clients over the years in his practice:


Issues or residential real estate injunctions and special warranty deeds in contested and non-contested divorce and collaborative law divorce matters.

Issues concerning residential real property concerning the community property and/or separate property estate of the parties in the inventory and appraisement phase in family law/divorce matters.

Assistance in drafting Durable Power of Attorney and/or Power of Attorney for residential real estate and commercial real estate.

Review and drafted Residential Condominium Contract (Resale) for individual client Buyer.

Drafted residential Real Estate Contract for purchasing lots on behalf of the corporate purchaser.


Drafted a Special Warranty Deed for a commercial real estate building transferring individual grantors’ ownership rights to a Texas limited partnership as the new owner.


Drafted commercial real estate lease from individual owners of land to a Texas limited liability company (LLC) for years to use as a golf driving range.


The drafted commercial real estate lease agreement between an individual owner of real property to individuals to operate a golf course contains an exclusive option to purchase the commercial property.


Drafted commercial lease agreement on behalf of a limited partnership owner/landlord at the request of the property management company to lease a commercial building to a credit union for business purposes.


Represented commercial real estate broker in collecting unpaid rent according to a commercial lease agreement.


Drafted Construction Contract to engage Contractor to construct an office building and improvements on commercial real estate owned by the client.


Retained to review, comment, and make revisions to a Shopping Center Commercial Lease Agreement on behalf of a limited partnership commercial tenant. Drafted Addendum to Commercial Lease Agreement on behalf of a commercial real estate tenant client.


Retained to review, comment, and make revisions to a First Amendment To Office Lease, agreement on behalf of the professional client as Tenant to amend lease term, rents, expansion, and other matters in an office building owned by state limited partnership.


Retained to review, comment, and make revisions to a Shopping Center Lease agreement on behalf of the corporate business client as Tenant and negotiate lease terms, rents, and other matters with individual owners/landlords.


Drafted Deed of Trust for Limited Partnership as Grantor and Purchaser of ownership interest in commercial building from an individual as the Lender. 


Retained to review Office Building Lease Agreements for client corporations as Tenant. Drafted Addendum To office building lease agreement. 


Drafted Assignment of Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement assigning rights, title, and interests under commercial real estate contract to the limited partnership. Drafted Assignment of Construction Contract Agreement. 


The drafted asset purchase agreement for the purchase assets and over 100 acres of real property and improvements, including residential real estate.


Drafted general partnership agreement on behalf of investors to engage generally in the real estate business; to improve or develop real estate; to construct, alter, or repair buildings or structures on real estate; to invest in real estate; and to sell, exchange, lease, mortgage, and make contracts concerning real estate.


Drafted Contract of Purchase and Sale for Unimproved Commercial Property on behalf of individual Seller of over 90 acres of land to corporate Purchaser.


Drafted Contract of Sale for the corporation as Seller and Limited liability corporation (LLC) as Purchaser of over 100 acres of commercial real estate.


Drafted Real Estate Sales Contract for LLC as Buyer of over 940 farm and ranch acres from individual trusts as Seller. Retained to review, comment, and make revisions of the Deed of Trust for a loan on farm and ranch real property.


Drafted Addendum For Reservation of Oil, Gas, and Other Minerals reserving minerals in real estate sales contract.

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