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Thomas P. Finley’s existing and new business law clients often need commercial and residential real estate contracts in Waco, Texas, drafted for various needs for their company. Some clients need our professional legal services to review the contracts presented to them by another party. Waco business lawyer and real estate attorney Thomas P. Finley, Jr. drafts and reviews contracts in addition to providing legal provisions, consisting of gathering information from the parties as to the contract’s intent and purpose.

Drafting and reviewing contracts are important to ensure the contract addresses its specific agreement, reason, and intent. This “meeting of the minds” can be done best when the parties are specific. As a general rule, the more precise the parties can be regarding their arrangements, the less likely there will be confusion and possible lawsuits in the future. Contact us today to learn more about our legal services.

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My existing business clients and new business clients often need business contracts drafted for a variety of needs for their company or have contracts presented to them by another party that need to be reviewed. Waco Business Lawyer drafts and can review contracts. Drafting and reviewing contracts, in addition to the legal provisions, consists of gathering information from the parties as to the purpose and intent of the contract. This is important so that the contract addresses the specific agreement, intent, and reason for the contract. This can best be done when the parties are specific.

As a general rule, the more specific the parties can be as to their agreements, the less likely there will be future confusion and a possible lawsuit.

Thomas P. Finley can assist clients with the drafting of business contracts, negotiation of business agreements, agreements and contracts for the purchase of business, agreement, and contract for the sale of a business, review of existing business contracts and other business documents, including contracts and agreements for the purchase and sale of a business, limited partnership agreements, shareholders agreements, buy-sell agreements, commercial leases, purchase and sale of real estate, employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, consulting agreement, confidentiality, and non-competition agreement, and other business contracts. Business contracts attorney Thomas P. Finley, Jr. has negotiated and drafted the following business contracts and agreements on behalf of his clients over the years in his practice:

• Bill of Sale

• Resolutions of Manager Members LLC for Purchase of Real Property

• Sales and Purchase Stock in Closely Held from other Shareholders

• Buy Sell Agreements, Restriction Sale O Stock, Option, Right First Refusal

• Joint Venture Agreements

• Promissory Notes

• Guaranty Agreements

• Loan Agreements

• Option Agreements

• Assignments

• LOI, Letter of Intent

• Employment Contracts

• Offer of Employment

• Independent Contractor Agreement

• Third Party Contractor Agreement

• Consulting Services Agreement

• Severance Agreement upon Termination of Employment or Resignation

• Non-Disclosure Agreements, Non-Solicitation Agreements, 

   Non- Competition Agreements

• Independent Marketing Consulting Agreement

• Marketing Agreements

• Referral and Marketing Agreement

• Commission Plan Agreement

• Indemnification Agreements

• Services Agreements

• Release and Settlement Agreement